CSN Reporting Tool

Click the link above then use the reporting tool that opens up for you. Study the ProPanel Box below which will appear once you click the link and then follow these steps:

  1. In the box to the right under GROUPS, enter the word “Chesterton” to locate the Chesterton Cohort.
  2. In the PER PAGE filter quantity box select 50 or 100
  3. Click FILTER. You will see a list of all activity of all users in the cohort.

Follow these steps to search and display the activity of any single user:

  1. In the USER field, select the user you wish to analyze.
  2. Click FILTER. You will see all the activity of just that user.
  3. To DOWNLOAD any search or report, scroll down until you see the icon with a Course download arrow and click the icon. It will download a CSV file that you read or send to others.