Hi & A Beginning

  • Hi & A Beginning

    Posted by Julie Leppert on September 3, 2021 at 10:13 am

    Hi, Evereyone! Greetings! I am new to the updated ClassicalU format/platform and am very excited to make connections with others who share a deep curiosity and love for classical learning. I do not know how discussions gain traction or get started here, but this seems like a great place to begin — with an invitation to engage here. I hope to see interactions grow within our Culture & Community group. In that spirit, I will begin first. I hope that’s okay. Our little family (3 kids) homeschooled nearly 20 years and now they are grown. I am four years post-era having worked myself out of a job – and transitioned into a new stage – as our youngest graduated from college in May 2021. Our two oldest are married, and we now have a grandchild. During our years of home education, I was drawn repeatedly to the work of Classical Academic Press (we used many of CAP’s materials) and have watched that good work evolve and branch out over the years to this point, and I was drawn repeatedly, as well, to Circe Institute. Since our children have graduated, I continue to return to the ideals of classical community and education and listen to talks by Dr. Perrin and Andrew Kern, and I do some reading. I decided to be more intentional about reading and developing in this area the beginning of 2021 – but realize that I lack community which is what has led me here. I have continued listening to Dr. Perrin and Andrew K simply because it makes me feel better – about the world and everything in it. (Can anyone else relate to this??) And, I hope very much to find a way to articulate and to cultivate the foundations of classical learning in my own community – a very rural, agricultural community nestled among the foothills of the Allegheny mountains which is part of Appalachia – culturally, historically. We are among the mining and steel mill and farming descendants; hardy, crusty, gritty folk, and “get’er done” is the ethos. This in a general way says something of the community soil. So, I will end with a question: What are some small ways that you have found to cultivate classical learning right where you are? Please share something about your journey, as well, if you are comfortable sharing. Thank you for reading!

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