Reply To: Restful Learning without undermining goals

  • Deb Ponder

    February 13, 2022 at 10:03 pm

    We struggle here being part of a community where there are expectations to complete work each week not just for accountability, but naturally also to foster discussion when we are together as a group. It’s challenge being a part of a community becuase I feel we get caught up in “checking th list’ rather than truly fostering interest or diving deeper. It also doesn’t allow much grace for when we have a challenging week and my kids just don’t get the work done. I am fine with them not getting it done, but there is the natural shame that comes from the classroom atmosphere when the child knows they are the ONE who did not do the work.

    I also concur with the other comment where my kids would not get the work done if I didn’t stay on top of them. This creates more anxiety in the home and takes us far away from a place of rest.

    Would love to know how families do scholé when in a community with expectations and only so many weeks to cover materials.