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Dr. Ralph

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Dr. Ralph “Rafe” E. Spraker, Jr. earned his Ph.D. from the University of South Carolina (2010); Three Master’s degrees including an MSSE from Montana State University, Bozeman (2011); and Bachelor’s degree from BIOLA University (1983).  His STEM experience spans over 25 years in secondary, undergraduate, and graduate education. He also currently advises doctoral dissertation students in STEM.

Dr. Spraker maintains a two-mile segment of the Mountains to the Sea Trail segment from the “Raven Rock” [BRP Milepost 290] to the “Aho Gap” [BRP Milepost 288, Elevation 3722] which parallels the Blue Ridge Parkway near his home in Boone, NC. He enjoys photography and hiking in the Blue Ridge Mountains and  “Out West” (Alaska, Alberta, British Columbia, Idaho, Montana, Utah, and Wyoming) with his dear wife Debbie of 38 years. He enjoys studying Lutheran and Patristic theologians (“Solus Christus”) and reading about Revolutionary War history [he just finished Chernov’s George Washington: A Life]. [email protected]

Quia Lex per Mosen data est Gratia et Veritas per Iesum Christum facta est

Ioannes I : XVII

Teaching Interests

My STEM Cognates are: BioLogica: Biochemistry, Genomics, Molecular and Systems Biology; MatheMatica: Information Technology, Mathematics, Physics, Quantitative Analysis and Statistics; and GeoLogica: Astronomy, Geochemistry, Geophysics, Hydrology, and Physical Geography.