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I was raised K-12 Catholic Ed.  My wife Kathy and I considered home schooling our four kids, but we went the public school route…over 20 years ago.

I’m a mechanical engineer (BS) and a computer scientist (MS).  I spent 5 years as a submarine officer; 6 years developing tactical software for subs & aircraft carriers; and 24 years designing/building submarines here in Southeastern Connecticut at Electric Boat Corp. Throughout my career, it’s struck me how each discipline is overspecialized, to the point where big organizations rarely communicate effectively.  When I first visited Hillsdale College with my oldest son, I was inspired to consider classical education and the value of a true liberal arts education.

As our last of four children leaves the nest (in 2025) I’m looking to do something different.  I’ve taught at the graduate level (computer sci) and have volunteered at public/private schools as both a mentor and tutor (HS math and chemistry; SAT prep).  I love teaching, but there’s nothin’ much going on CCE-wise in my area.  So I appreciate the opportunity to network with ya’ll, albeit virtually.

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Science, Math, Computing. Bible/Philosophy. Music.