Forum Scholé Community

Welcome to Forum Scholé Community. We are a community of classical learners that range from 8th grade through highschool. Our intention to provide guidance and space for students to share ideas, study, learn, and grow together. Our community is not a school or full curriculum, however, we do have engaging classes and opportunities to supplement and enrich your student’s home education experience. We meet weekly (location/time TBA).

A typical day might include signing up for 1-4 Forums from the day’s schedule. These can vary according to what was built into the schedule. All Forums are open so that any age student may participate. Schedules are done in advance so that students know before arrival what will be available to them that day. Forums can be led by students or adults. Adults will provide guidance in student-led Forums.

Our community style is cooperative, however we do accept drop-off students who are able to maintain our code of conduct. Parents are encouraged to sign up to lead Forums or make themselves available for tutoring and study groups on occasion. This is how we keep our pricing structure minimal. Students may incur charges for special Forums, materials for particular Forums, field trips, and possibly add a building fee in the future. There are not other costs, currently, to be part of our program.

Socratic Circle: Discussion Groups
Musing: Performance opportunities, exploration of similar interests
Seminar: Class with rich content delivered by guest speakers or student led
Practicum: Hands-on learning opportunities
Study Group: Independent or group study with or without specific purpose
Tutoring: One-on-one or small group help in a specific subject area