Jacksonville Classical Christian Co-Op

We are committed to providing our children a safe and engaging environment to explore a restful, classical, Christian education through discovery, discussion, and contemplation. As a Schole’ community we support the at home classical Christian education with flexibility in curriculum while offering an a la carte classical learning co-op. We have an intentional learning pattern that cycles history, science, and latin as well as English Grammar in order to provide continual growth for returning students at all academic levels who follow the selected curriculum. We offer flexibility and structure in order to serve each family’s needs as they pursue truth, beauty, and wisdom within the classical schole’ model. We will meet often for memory work, latin, history studies, nature club, and science activities. Our group is currently young, but envisions a vibrant group for middle and high school students to engage and learn together. We offer programing for pre-K through 6th grade, and an option for 7th-9th grade as volunteers and interest allow.