Parnassus Preparatory Academy, A Scholé Community

Parnassus Preparatory Academy, A Scholé Community is a twice-weekly drop-off academic enrichment program supporting homeschool students in their pursuit of a classical education. We provide two days of in-person instruction plus curriculum plans for three days of parent-led instruction at home. Classes are led by passionate and knowledgeable teachers and provide academic accountability and meaningful socialization. Parnassus Preparatory Academy is a community that forges moral and civic virtue, fosters wisdom, and nurtures a lifelong passion for learning.

We are not a public, private, or charter school. This program is designed to enrich a classical home-education with high-quality academic enrichment classes and provide an opportunity for students to learn alongside their grade-level peers. Our program supports an independent study model and is of value specifically to students homeschooling through a charter, private school affidavit, or private school satellite program.