Scholé Fellowship Academy

Scholé Fellowship Academy is a hybrid community of homeschool families. We meet throughout the week during the school year for our “Scholé Learning Days” (i.e. our gatherings). We offer in-person weekly campus days as well as online virtual campus days. Our families come together for a morning gathering, individual classes, and community fellowship.

We offer courses to students in two different stages of learning; Upper Grammar (3-6), and Dialectic (7-9). We provide our families with: A vibrant community committed to restful classical learning, and a meaningful enriching curriculum featuring the traditional, classical arts of grammar, logic, rhetoric, mathematics, science, and the great books. Our Guiding Principles at Schole’ Fellowship Academy are to pursue truth, goodness, and beauty as we cultivate rhythms for awakening wonder to the world around us. The Greek word for leisure (scholé) is the origin of Latin (scola), English school. Our particular group has roots not only in Classical education but in Charlotte Mason’s educational principles as well.

Scholé and Classical learning are long-standing traditions of education that have emphasized seeking truth, goodness, and beauty through the study of the Liberal Arts and the Great Books. We endeavor to renew this classical tradition in our Scholé Group. We do so by focusing on a core curriculum of Latin, writing, logic/rhetoric, arithmetic/mathematics, science, and the Great Books. Our students study these subjects together with directors and tutors during our campus days.