Scholé Quad Cities

K-12 CLASSICAL CURRICULUM:Our GRAMMAR levels (K-6) include Christian Studies, 9 subject memory work, Fine Arts, Science, Literature & Poetry, and Presentations. In addition, we also offer an English Grammar & Writing class for grades 4-6. Our DIALECTIC levels (7-8), and RHETORIC levels (9-12) offer a full classical curriculum including:Christian Studies, Composition & Literature, Math, Science, Latin, Logic & Debate, and Fine Arts.Scholé Quad Cities is a vibrant, Christian, classical, homeschool co-op that meets weekly at a church in Davenport. We are expanding our community for the 2021-2022 school year and hope to connect with committed Christian families. We are open to brand new and experienced homeschoolers and provide structure and content that can be adapted by most families to provide a Christ-centered education for grades K-12.