Sonoran Scholé

We are a Christian homeschool community that meets one day a week in North Phoenix. Every parent is required to teach a class and we currently offer all students PE, Liturgy, and Latin and then each of the following levels provide a variation of classes based on what the Parent is willing and able to instruct in either the fall or spring. Grammar (PreK-6) with a variety of Nature Studies, Literature, Art, Fables, History, Writing (IEW), Grammar, History, Science, Hymnology, Poetry, and Presentation Skills. Parents are able to follow along at home with any of the curriculum used in class but it is not required at this age. Dialectic (7-9) with a focus on dialogue, discussion, and debate. Dialectic has required work to complete throughout the week in the subjects of Literature, History, Science, Art, Geography, Logic, and Theology to feed the source of their in class discussions. We currently have a class for High School students that includes Rhetoric and Career Exploration. As a group we also do field trips and mom events to build relationship and community which is the heart of our program.