Sophia Scholé

Sophia Schole exists to empower and assist you, the home-schooling parent, in providing the Christian, classical, liberal arts education you desire for your middle and high school students. Our programs meet once a week and welcome those from all Christian backgrounds. We seek and study the true, the good, and the beautiful in all that God has created. Through pursuing what is excellent (Phil 4:8), students are challenged to grow in wisdom and virtue as embodied in our motto, Sapere aude (Dare to be wise).
Students in the dialectic (middle school) and rhetoric (high school) levels pursue the integrated humane letters (history, literature, theology, philosophy, government) as well as Latin, Logic, and Rhetoric. Middle school students may also engage in interactive science classes with weekly hands-on labs taught from a thoroughly Christian perspective. All students have opportunities to grow in leadership through our annual retreat as well as community service and social events.
We seek to keep our tuition modest yet provide contemplative learning in a nurturing and welcoming atmosphere. To that end, teachers commit to ongoing training in Christian, classical education and parents fulfill volunteer roles during the weekly community day. Thus, our community is both cooperative and teacher/tuition based. To foster a lifestyle of learning and deep fellowship, we also offer learning and social events throughout the year for all members.