The Alvearium, a Scholé Community of Classical, Charlotte Mason Families

The Alvearium is an ecumenical learning community of homeschooling families united in the restful pursuit of the classical tradition as inspired by Charlotte Mason. Classical Tradition + Charlotte Mason = scholé (restful learning)We embrace the ideal of a living, liberal arts education and spread the feast of history, literature, language arts, Latin, and Shakespeare. We study these subjects by coaching the skills of listening, speaking, close reading, writing, and memory. We employ the trivium: grammar (remembering), logic (thinking), rhetoric (communicating) and use the methods of narration, copy work, dictation, composition, commonplacing, small group, socratic discussions, and projects.Our weekly community feast day serves students ages seven and older (approximately grades 2-12, forms 1a – 6). The primary homeschooling parent is required to participate from 9:00am – 11:00am. We gather as a community during this time, and the parents participate in The Guild, a Great Books seminar (mothers coordinate babysitting for younger children). The Guild’s aim is to encourage and equip parents to homeschool through high school. The Guild concludes at 11:00am, and parents are welcome to stay or leave, returning to pick up their child/ren at dismissal.