End of Course Test Instructions:

Those wishing to earn a course certificate (with continuing education units and hours noted) need to take this pass/fail end-of-course test.

  • Review: Study the lesson outlines for each lesson until you are familiar and confident with the information and concepts. Some quiz questions from individual lessons may be repeated in this end-of-course test.
  • Answering the Essay Question(s): Prepare your answer to the essay question (or questions) ahead of taking the final assessment by reviewing the essay question at the bottom of the end-of-course test and writing it in advance (saved as a file to upload). You can find a link to this end-of-course test below.
  • Grading: Please note that your essay will be evaluated and graded on a pass/fail basis and allow up to two weeks for us to evaluate this essay and grade your test. You must score 75% overall on your end-of-course test in order to pass the course and earn a certificate. You may retake this end-of-course test as often as needed by clicking the button “Restart Quiz” at the bottom of the quiz or test page.  In addition to answering enough questions correctly, the essay questions must be answered with a sufficient word count in order to pass the end-of-course test.
  • Certificate of Completion: Upon watching the lesson videos and passing this end-of-course test, a certificate of completion will be generated to verify course completion.