Our Mission

ClassicalU is an online teacher-training platform that provides 100+ courses by highly qualified presenters with a clear path toward mastery for educators seeking to understand the classical tradition of education and to teach with excellence.

ClassicalU was launched in 2015 as a division of Classical Academic Press and has been gradually adding courses that feature veteran classical teachers, professors, and leaders who are gifted at training and inspiring others.

In 2021, ClassicalU partnered with the Templeton Honors College to offer for-credit graduate courses as part of the Master of Arts in Teaching degree at the college.

ClassicalU enjoys partnering with numerous organizations seeking to advance the renewal of classical education. We work closely with the following organizations:

Meet the CEO

Christopher Perrin

Christopher is the founding CEO of Classical Academic Press and the founder of ClassicalU.com. As he was traveling doing faculty training for classical schools in the 1990s, he noted the great need that schools and homeschools had for good, practical teacher training and development. He and the team at CAP decided it would be a great help to gather experienced classical educators and professors, record their training and make it available on an easy-to-access website. 

Meet the Director of ClassicalU

Jesse Hake

Jesse Hake has been an upper school humanities educator. Most recently before ClassicalU, he was Principal for seven years at Logos Academy, a classical school in downtown York, PA. Since 2019, Jesse oversees the logistical and operational side of ClassicalU, the interface and collaboration with the Templeton Honors College, and the new course production efforts at ClassicalU (including the recruiting and hosting of presenters onsite at our studios in Camp Hill, PA).

Jesse also offers consulting services with Classical Academic Press, leads the TrueNorth.fm podcast network (including hosting the ClassicalU Podcast show), and writes for Altum.

meet the president of Classical Academic Press

Joelle Hodge

Joelle has been an upper school humanities and logic teacher for many years before becoming the director of Scholé Academy (an online 3-12 school) and then the President of Classical Academic Press. Joelle oversees ClassicalU as part of Classical Academic Press while working closely with Jesse Hake. 

Joelle is also engaged in cultivating strategic partnerships with organizations wanting to work with and include ClassicalU in their work and mission.


Clark Stefanic

Clark works closely with the CAP and ClassicalU team to ensure the website makes the best use of video and aesthetic design. He also manages our studio to ensure a great experience with our presenters and an excellent recorded content that is clear, balanced and engaging.

Clark has a passion for storytelling and brings that sensibility to the way in which videos are recorded, presented, and edited.