Earn Graduate Credits on ClassicalU!

Current Graduate Courses

We currently offer the following ClassicalU courses, in partnership with the Templeton Honors College, for graduate credit. Additional for-credit courses will be added throughout 2021, featuring Templeton professors Dr. Kathryn Smith, Dr. Brian Williams, and Dr. Phillip Carey. Stay up-to-date on the latest announcements and additions by subscribing to our e-newsletter, or visit the ClassicalU Road Map to see what’s coming.

With the button below, apply to the Templeton Honors College at Eastern University to earn standalone graduate course credits (scroll down to the Non-Degree Student Application), or apply to Templeton’s two-year MA in Teaching program (top of application page) to have your credits count toward a Master of Arts in Classical Teaching.

Graduate credits from the Templeton Honors College

Now ClassicalU subscribers can take designated graduate 3-credit courses on ClassicalU.com and receive standalone credits or apply to the MAT program to earn credits toward a master’s degree in classical teaching.

Access to a professor or teaching assistant

Professors and teaching assistants from the Templeton Honors College guide subscribers through each graduate course. 

Affordable Courses you can take with fellow educators

The Templeton Honors College has extended an affordable tuition rate of just $330 per credit hour to all ClassicalU subscribers.

Exceptional Courses for Graduate Credit

Earn standalone graduate credits with the Templeton Honors College at Eastern University or apply to their Master of Arts in Classical Teaching to have credits count toward a degree.

The Registration Process is Easy!

Choose a Templeton Honors College Graduate Course

Browse our Course Finder catalog to see which ClassicalU courses are designated as Templeton graduate courses. Choose one and begin the next step in your classical education journey!

Register for a Templeton Honors College Course

As a ClassicalU subscriber, you are welcome to apply to take any of the designated graduate courses for standalone credit. Once you select a graduate course to take, you will be prompted to complete a brief online registration in order to take the course as a non-degree-earning student and receive transferable graduate credit from the Templeton Honors College at Eastern University.

Pay Discounted Tuition

Once you are accepted into a Templeton Honors College course, you will be prompted to pay just $330 per credit hour—a remarkable tuition rate for graduate-level instruction and credit!