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Earn standalone credits, or apply to the Templeton Honors College at Eastern University to have credits count toward a Master of Arts in Classical Teaching.

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Now ClassicalU subscribers can take designated graduate 3-credit courses on ClassicalU.com and receive credits toward a master’s degree in classical teaching.

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Professors and teaching assistants from the Templeton Honors College guide subscribers through each graduate course. 

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The Templeton Honors College has extended an affordable tuition rate of just $330 per credit hour to all ClassicalU subscribers.

Current Graduate Courses

We currently offer the following ClassicalU courses, in partnership with the Templeton Honors College, for graduate credit. Additional for-credit courses will be added throughout 2021, featuring Templeton professors Dr. Kathryn Smith, Dr. Brian Williams, and Dr. Phillip Carey. Stay up-to-date on the latest announcements and additions by subscribing to our e-newsletter, or visit the ClassicalU Road Map to see what’s coming.

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Earn standalone credits, or apply to the Templeton Honors College at Eastern University to have credits count toward a Master of Arts in Classical Teaching.

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As a ClassicalU subscriber, you are welcome to apply to take any of the designated graduate courses for standalone credit. Once you select a graduate course to take, you will be prompted to complete a brief online registration in order to take the course as a non-degree-earning student and receive transferable graduate credit from the Templeton Honors College at Eastern University.

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Once you are accepted into a Templeton Honors College course, you will be prompted to pay just $330 per credit hour—a remarkable tuition rate for graduate-level instruction and credit!

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Receive guidance through each graduate course from a Templeton Honors College professor or teaching assistant.

Dean, Templeton Honors college

Dr. Brian Williams

Dr. Brian A. Williams is Dean of the Templeton Honors College and Associate Professor of Ethics & Liberal Studies. He is also Dean of the College of Arts & Humanities. Before coming to Eastern, he was Lecturer in Theology and Christian Ethics at the University of Oxford and Director of Oxford Conversations, a collection of curated video interviews with leading Christian academics and scholars at Oxford.

He holds an MPhil and DPhil in Christian ethics from the University of Oxford (UK), where he was a Clarendon Scholar; an MA and ThM in systematic and historical theology from Regent College (Vancouver, Canada); and a BA in biblical studies from Ozark Christian College (Joplin, Missouri).

He is married to Kim Williams and has three children: Ilia, Brecon, and Maeve.

Co-Director, Master of ARts in classical Teaching

Dr. Kathryn Smith

Dr. Kathryn Smith is Co-Director of the MAT in Classical Teaching and Assistant Professor in Classical Education at the Templeton Honors College. Prior to joining Eastern University, she was a visiting lecturer at the University of Dallas in Irving, Texas.

She holds an MA and PhD in literature from the University of Dallas (Irving, Texas), where she was a Louise Cowan Scholar; and a B.U.S. in liberal studies from the University of New Mexico (Albuquerque).

She enjoys hiking, skiing, and bicycling. She is married to Bryan Smith and has one daughter, Elizabeth.

Professor of Philosophy

Dr. Phillip Cary

Phillip Cary (PhD, Yale University, 1994) is Professor of Philosophy at Eastern University and Scholar-in-Residence at the Templeton Honors College.

His specialty is the history of Christian thought, with particular focus on Augustine and Luther. He is perhaps best known for his book Good News for Anxious Christians, along with his lecture series published by The Great Courses, including courses on Augustine, Luther, the History of Christian Theology, and Philosophy and Religion in the West. In addition to numerous articles and reviews, he has published three books on Augustine with Oxford University Press (Augustine’s Invention of the Inner Self, 2000; Inner Grace, 2008; and Outward Signs, 2008) and one with Rowman & Littlefield (Augustine and Philosophy, 2010), co-edited with John Doody and Kim Paffenroth. Another area of interest is theological exegesis, for which he has contributed a commentary on the book of Jonah (Brazos Press, 2008).

Professor of bible and liberal studies

Dr. Frederic Putnam

Dr. Frederic Putnam has taught graduate, post-graduate, and undergraduate courses in biblical language and interpretation since 1984, as well as high-school-level seminars in Shakespeare, poetry, literature, and philosophy. He teaches the Templeton Honors courses in biblical studies.

He has published several reference works and textbooks on Classical (biblical) Hebrew, and is currently writing a book on the interpretation of biblical poetry. His next two book-length projects are on biblical theology based on biblical metaphors, and a Christian view of education.

Dr. Putnam is an ordained minister (Presbyterian Church in America). He and his wife, Emilie, have three daughters, all of whom live in southeast Pennsylvania. He enjoys reading and discussing poems, military history, literature, baking, listening to and making music (singing and playing recorder, hand drum, timbrel, and finger cymbals—early music), mountain biking, and swimming in lakes.

Learn more on his website, fputnam.com.

professor of philosophy

Dr. Amy Richards

Amy Gilbert Richards, PhD is Affiliate Professor and Chair of Philosophy at Eastern University. She also teaches in Eastern’s Templeton Honors College (THC), dedicated to great books and great questions. She is also a Faculty Fellow of the THC’s Master of Arts in Classical Teaching program. Building on her previous work in philosophical and theological anthropology, she teaches a course in this program called ‘Difference and Human Dignity in the Great Tradition’, which is dedicated both to developing an understanding of what it is to be human through the lens of disability and difference, and to offering practical techniques for classical classroom approaches for students with special needs. Also of note, Dr. Richards and Classical Academic Press have begun a collaboration project on a book related to her work in this course—more coming soon! She lives in Havertown, PA with her husband and their three small girls.

Graduate Course Credits via the Templeton Honors College

ClassicalU hosts several courses presented by Templeton Honors College professors (and by some professors outside the college) that you can take for graduate credit through ClassicalU.com. All credits are issued by the Templeton Honors College at Eastern University and are transferable to other accredited colleges across the US. ClassicalU subscribers pay a discounted tuition rate of just $330 per credit hour.

ClassicalU subscribers taking designated courses for graduate credit will have access to a Templeton professor or teaching assistant for guidance through each course. To receive graduate credit, subscribers must successfully complete all of the course assignments and assessments.

You can easily apply to take a course as either a non-degree-earning student or as part of the MAT degree program at Templeton Honors College. To see designated graduate courses currently available on ClassicalU, visit the Course Finder page and select “Graduate Courses.”

Apply to the MAT Program at Templeton Honors College

Some ClassicalU subscribers may wish to apply to enroll in the Master of Arts in Classical Teaching degree program at Templeton Honors College. Any subscriber may apply to the program by filling out the MAT application linked below. If accepted, you will become an official enrolled graduate student of Templeton Honors College, and any designated for-credit ClassicalU courses will count toward the fulfillment of the MAT graduation requirements.

To apply to the MAT degree program at Templeton Honors College, please click this link: MAT Application.

To learn more about earning graduate credits on ClassicalU, see this article.

To speak with a ClassicalU staff member about taking graduate courses for credit, please call 1-866-730-0711, ext. 4.

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