Let's Begin.

Four Steps for a Quick Start.

Look Around

Chart Your Path

Start a Course

Join a Group

First, take a look around the website. Click on the Course Finder to review all the courses offered, and click through the Resource pages as well. Note the graduate courses available on the Templeton Honors College page. See the Blog page for relevant, recent articles. Note the various Groups and Book Discussion Groups you could join.

Before you start taking a course, we recommend that you take the brief, 10-minute Pathway Assessment on the Pathway Finder page. You’ll be asked questions in six areas that will generate an automatic report estimating your strengths and weaknesses and recommending what courses would be appropriate for you to take first. Also checkout our Top 5 Recommendations page!

Start a course! You can jump right in a course, with or without taking the Pathway Assessment. Every course includes some free lessons. To continue, you will need to purchase a subscription with a two-week free trial (which first requires a free user account). Select the “Start Course” button on any course to begin. We recommend you chart your pathway of courses and take courses in a thoughtful sequence.

There are many hundreds of classical educators on ClassicalU and you can connect with many of them by joining either a course group (to connect with others taking the same course) or an interest group. You can also start your own “Travel” group in which you and several friends can travel together on ClassicalU and share experiences, insights, and ideas.

More Detail and Guidance.

Travel with Friends

Form a Cohort

Take a Graduate Course

Visit the Library

There is no need to travel alone on ClassicalU–you are among hundreds of like-minded colleagues. You can reach out to anyone with a private message, and you can join any existing interest group. You can also start your own Travel Group. Simply go to the Groups page, and click “Create a Group.” Once your group is created you can invite friends and colleagues to join your group where you can enjoy conversation and exchange files and documents. To learn more about Travel Groups read this article.

If you are one of several teachers from a school or co-op taking courses on ClassicalU, you can request to become a Cohort Group. A Cohort Group will have a designated leader who can subtract or add new subscribers to a school or co-op account, communicate with all members, and monitor the progress of everyone in the Cohort Group. To learn more about Cohorts read this article.

Through our partnership with the Templeton Honors College, we offer some courses for transferable graduate credits right here on the site. You can peruse the Templeton course we offer by going to the Templeton Honors College page or searching for “graduate courses” on the Course Finder page. There is an extra fee (paid directly to Templeton) and extra assignments for taking these courses for graduate credit. To learn more about Graduate Courses visit this page.

ClassicalU has a built-in document library where you can upload and download documents pertaining to classical education. You will find folders for every grade and various arts and disciplines taught at a classical school or homeschool. We invite you to review the library and make your own contribution. To learn more about the Document Library read this article.

View the Curriculum Guide

Find a Great Book to Read

Connect with Others

See What’s Coming

Imagine having a clear and robust guide for every course taught at a classical school. That is what you will find viewable right on ClassicalU–the Ambrose Curriculum Guide that features 250 documents for every course in a K-12 curriculum–including guides for teaching almost 100 great books. Each course guide can be viewed on the page that hosts the Ambrose Curriculum Guide.

Over ten years of review and feedback, we have selected about 75 great books that pertain to classical education–it’s history, philosophy, and application. You can search this collection of books by categories that include the philosophy of education, history of education, pedagogy, the liberal arts, virtue cultivation, great books and more. Visit this collection at the Book Finder page.

From the Dashboard page you can view your activity, course progress, and the activity of others subscribers throughout the site. You will find many interesting people active on the site, and you can privately message anyone that you see on the Activity feed. You can also join any of a large collection of interest groups on ClassicalU. Be sure to visit the Dashboard page to view activity and make new friends.

We are always developing and recording new courses. We are also constantly refining the website and releasing new or improved features. Be sure to check the ClassicalU Roadmap page to see what we have recently released and to see what is planned for the coming months. Be sure to visit our blog for various articles on existing and coming features, courses, and more.