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Performing Shakespeare with Tim McIntosh

Tim McIntosh teaches with five students on how to move from respect to love of Shakespeare, using performance as the first step into understanding.


The Scientific Revolution with Dr. Ted Davis

Dr. Ted Davis presents key aspects of The Scientific Revolution, the period of roughly two centuries (1500-1700) when modern science took shape.

ReleasedMay, 2022

The Problem of Evil with Dr. David Schenk

Dr. David Schenk provides a logical response to the problem of evil.

ReleasedFebruary, 2022

Teaching with a Golden Thread with Danielle Bennette Dukes

This course is presented by Danielle Bennette Dukes, a veteran classical educator with expertise on bringing an integrated liberal arts approach to teaching classically in homeschool settings.

ReleasedFebruary, 2022

Math Every for Every Teacher with Jake Tawney

This course is offered by the Vice President of Curriculum with the Great Hearts Academies network.

ReleasedNovember, 2021

The Teacher's Playbook with Jerilyn Olson

This course is presented by the Vice President of Faculty Development for the Great Hearts Academies network.

ReleasedOctober, 2021

The Black Intellectual Tradition

This course is co-presented by Dr. Angel Parham and Dr. Anika Prather and also features several panel discussions with other leaders including Dr. Jim LaGrand of Messiah University and Dr. Brian Williams of the Templeton Honors College.

ReleasedAugust, 2021

Growing Classroom Culture Through Parent Partnerships with Robyn Burlew

In this course, Robyn Burlew explains how to develop and curate vibrant culture through good communication and intentional relationship building between parents, teachers, and parents.

ReleasedJune, 2021

Enhanced Subscription Portal

This subscription tool makes it easier than ever for groups and individuals to sign up for ClassicalU and make changes later to their account.

ReleasedMay, 2021

Subscriber Dashboard

All subscribers have their own dashboard on the site where they can easily start and resume courses, jump into a group discussion, sign up for a book discussion, and monitor activity of other subscribers across the site.

In ProgressMay, 2021

Enhanced Course Finder

The new Course Finder enables subscribers to easily search for courses according to level or topic and select a pathway of courses to take.

ReleasedMay, 2021

Document Library

Subscribers can upload and download documents and files of all kinds in the curated document library.

In ProgressMay, 2021

Interest Groups

Subscribers may now join any of a wide variety of teacher interest groups where they can engage in conversation, post and download documents, and privately message group members.

ReleasedMay, 2021

Faculty Cohorts

School (and co-op) faculties can now be signed up together along with a designated leader or principal that can monitor progress and communicate with faculty by means of a private cohort group space.

ReleasedMay, 2021

Embedded Groups and Discussions

Subscribers can now discuss courses and course content with other subscribers on ClassicalU right on the website

ReleasedMay, 2021

Graduate Courses and Credits on ClassicalU!

ClassicalU partners with the Templeton Honors College to offer graduate courses on the site!

ReleasedMay, 2021

The All-New ClassicalU Launches

The new ClassicalU launches with excellent navigation and several new features!


ReleasedMay, 2021

2021 Five New Courses Recorded

  • Teaching the Bible Classically with Dr. Fred Putnam
  • Narration: A Classical Guide with Jason Barney
  • Charlotte Mason and Classical Education with Jason Barney
  • Classical Learning for All Students with Dr. Amy Richards
  • Awakening the Moral Imagination through Literature with Dr. Vigen Guroian

ReleasedWinter, 2021

2020 Five New Courses Recorded

  • Classical Education in Africa with Karen Elliott
  • The Science Mastery Workshop with John Mays
  • Teaching Science Classically: 10 Essential Principles with John Mays
  • Myth Made Fact with Dr. Louis Markos
  • Essentials of Formal Logic with Jolie Hodge
ReleasedSpring & Summer, 2020

2020 New Features

  • April 2020: Self Assessment. This tool enables subscribers to take a quick online assessment and receive and immediate report indicating their strengths and weaknesses as a classical educator.
  • April 2020: Pathway Finder. This tool enables subscribers who have taken the self assessment to plot a pathway for what courses to take and in what sequence.
ReleasedApril, 2020

2019 Three New Courses Recorded

  • Classical Education in America: Progress and Trends with David Goodwin
  • Essential Music with Carol Reynolds 
  • Teaching Modern Political Philosophy with Josh Gibbs
ReleasedSpring, 2019

2019 New Features

  • May 2019: Live Book Discussions. Subscribers, at no charge, can sign up to join live book discussions on classical texts and books pertinent to classical education.
  • June 2019: Hired Jesse Hake. Jesse Hake comes on board as the new Director of ClassicalU working with Dr. Christopher Perrin.
  • July 2019: Added Customer Support: Hired Sarabeth Borowiec to help service the growing group of ClassicalU subscribers.
ReleasedMay-July, 2019

2018 Eight New Courses Recorded

  • The Catholic Tradition of Education with Dr. Andrew Seeley
  • A Brief History of Classical Education with Dr. Matthew Post
  • Urban Classical Education with Russ Gregg
  • Upper School Teaching and Leadership with Dr. Christopher Schlect
  • Schole Muses with various presenters
  • The Seven Liberal Arts with Andrew Kern and Dr. Christopher Perrin
  • Essential School Leadership with Keith Nix
  • Classical Pedagogy Part II with Andrew Kern
ReleasedSpring, 2018

2018 New Features

  • April 2018: ClassicalU Forum launched at classicaluforum.com.
  • April 2018: Book Finder. An easy to use book finder featuring 75 books pertinent to classical education that can be searched and sorted by various categories.
  • August 2018: Lecture Hall. Free lectures and presentations are available here for anyone--even those who have not yet subscribed to ClassicalU.
ReleasedApril-August, 2018

2017 Eight New Courses Recorded

  • Reading and Teaching the Odyssey with Dr. Hannah Hintze and Dr. Eva Brann
  • Principles of Classical Pedagogy Part 2 with Andrew Kern
  • Listening, Speaking, Reading, Writing with Andrew Pudewa
  • How to Teach History with Wes Callahan
  • Grammar School Leadership and Teaching with Lori Jill Keeler
  • Essential Philosophy with Dr. David Schenk
  • Teaching Singapore Math with Dawn Swartz
  • The Monastic Tradition of Education with Dr. Christopher Perrin
ReleasedSpring, 2017

2017 New Features

ReleasedJanuary-March, 2017

2016 Eight New Courses Recorded

  • A Brief History of Progressive Education with Dr. Jason Edwards
  • The Art of Poetry with Christine Perrin
  • Teaching Three Great Books with Dr. Flora Armetta
  • Teaching Boethius with Josh Gibbs
  • Essentials of Effective Teaching with Robyn Burlew
  • Ecclesiastes and Classical Education with Josh Gibbs
  • Principles of Classical Pedagogy with Dr. Christopher Perrin
  • Teaching Formal Logic with Jolie Hodge
ReleasedSpring, 2016

2016 New Features

August 2016: Ambrose Curriculum Guide. ClassicalU partners with the Ambrose School to offer this comprehensive teacher’s curriculum guide that provides course guides for every class taught at a classical K-12 school.

ReleasedAugust, 2016

2015 - 14 New Courses Recorded

  • Plato: The Great Philosopher-Educator with Dr. David Diener
  • Essential Logic: Informal Fallacies with Dr. Christopher Perrin, Dr. Aaron Larsen, Jolie Hodge
  • Awakening Wonder: Truth, Goodness, and Beauty with Dr. Steve Turley
  • Introduction to Classical Education with Dr. Christopher Perrin
  • Assessing Students Classically with various presenters
  • Principles of Classical Pedagogy with Dr. Christopher Perrin
  • Essential Latin with Karen Moore
  • Scholé (Restful) Learning with Dr. Christopher Perrin
  • Socratic Teaching with Andrew Kern and Dr. Christopher Perrin
  • Liberal Arts Tradition with Dr. Kevin Clark and Ravi Jain
  • Teaching Math Classically with Andrew Elizalde
  • Teaching Formal Logic with Jolie Hodge
  • The Abolition of Man with Dr. Steve Turley
  • Teaching the Great Books with Josh Gibbs
ReleasedSpring, 2015

2015 ClassicalU Launches!


After over a year of research, planning, web development, and recording, ClassicalU launches in February, 2015.

ReleasedFebruary, 2015

2014 Planning, Research, Development

The team spends a year in research, testing, website development, and recording.

CompletedJanuary-December, 2014

2001-2013 Field Experience

Dr. Perrin visits or consults with over 50 schools and discovers that almost every school lacks a meaningful teacher-training program. CAP conceives of the idea of recruiting veteran classical educators and recording them on a web platform to supplement teacher-training programs for schools and homeschools.