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Recorded Live Learning Events from ClassicalU and Scholé Groups

–Wisdom from Cicero

"Friendship... gives us bright hopes for the future and forbids weakness and despair. In the face of a true friend a man sees as it were a second self."

Upcoming Live Learning Events

The Common Arts- Created to Create

with Renee Mathis

Feb. 10, 8:00pm EST

You’ve heard about the 7 liberal arts, but what about the 7 mechanical arts? Often referred to as the “servile” arts, what are we as classical educators to make of these? Renee will guide us in exploring our nature as created beings who create, and why the liberal arts can bake us better creators. Classical education can bear all kinds of fruit, including the fruit of love and service to our neighbor.

Thurs., 2/10/22
One time learning event, via Zoom
8:00 PM – 9:00 PM EST

Stay Tuned for More Live Events with Our Faculty and Guests

Each month we feature a Live Learning Event featuring either one of our faculty or an invited guest. All may attend free of charge.

Archived Learning Events

The Classic Learning Test Synthesis with Alec Bianco

We are pleased to feature Classic Learning Test with Alec Bianco (College & Homeschool Outreach Specialist) as he unpacks the unique way CLT has created an exam that brings out your student’s unique strengths and offers a more satisfying and meaningful test experience to prepare them for the next step of their learning journey.

Tips for Using ClassicalU as a Home Educator with Dr. Christopher Perrin & Lisa Mayeux

Join Dr. Christopher Perrin (CEO of ClassicalU) and Lisa Mayeux (Director of Scholé Groups) as they discuss the practical ways that classical homeschool educators can best use the courses and offerings on ClassicalU to help them grow as classical educators. Dr. Perrin and Lisa will discuss: • Identifying relevant courses for home educators • Utilizing classical teacher-training for individual, small-group, and large-group purposes • Forming nuclear groups to chat and connect …and more!

On Writing and Story with S.D. Smith

Enjoy an enchanted adventure in writing and storytelling, with our bard S.D. Smith! S.D. Smith is the author of the Green Ember series, a bestselling middle-grade adventure saga. The Green Ember has reached hundreds of thousands of readers and spent time as the number one bestselling audiobook on Audible. Smith’s stories are captivating readers across the globe who are hungry for “new stories with an old soul.”

Early Christian Music with Professor Carol

Professor Carol leads us in securing our liturgical roots through the Story of Our Early Christian Music and offers ideas for its practice in our home, classroom, and community!

Shakespeare & Scholé with Tim McIntosh

Tim McIntosh, playwright, screenwriter, and actor, will engage us in a discussion of Shakespeare, his importance, and how to host a Shakespeare Showcase in your community and school.

Teaching Science Classically with John Mays

Join veteran science teacher and authorJohn Mays as he shares how to teach science classically in a way that inspires wonder and that leads to mastery of scientific ideas, knowledge and skill. 

–Wisdom from David Hicks

“The formation of a mature person...loves inquiry that reaches into earthly as well as transcendent realms of knowledge..."