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Common Arts Education

with Chris Hall

Monday, June 29th 8:00EST 

“And having thus passed the principles of arithmetic, geometry, astronomy, and geography, with a general compact of physics, they may descend in mathematics to the instrumental science of trigonometry, and from thence to set forward all these proceedings in nature and mathematics, what hinders but that they may procure, as oft as shall be needful, the helpful experiences of hunters, fowlers, fishermen, shepherds, gardeners, apothecaries . . . And this will give them such a real tincture of natural knowledge, as they shall never forget, but daily augment with delight. —John Milton, “Of Education”

Educator and author Chris Hall provides a history of the common arts, identifies its place among the liberal and fine arts, and describes its importance in education for thinkers from Ancient Greece through today. Expounding on his book Common Arts Education: Renewing the Classical Tradition of Training the Hands, Head, and Heart, Chris provides compelling philosophical and theological determination for bringing the liberal arts and common arts together for a whole education.

Join us as Chris Hall unpacks his book Common Arts Education: Renewing the Classical Tradition of Training the Hands, Head, and Heart and check out the accompanying course on ClassicalU coming soon!!

June 29th | 8:00 EST

One-time learning event, via Zoom

Educator and Author Chris Hall

Chris Hall has a BA in philosophy from Gettysburg College and an MAT in elementary education from Towson University. He has been a classroom educator and administrator for 25 years, having served in public, independent, and classical schools. Along with his professional pedigree, he is a lifelong practitioner of several of the common arts profiled in this book, and the founder of Always Learning Education, an organization dedicated to teaching, learning, and propagating the common arts. He lives on a small, homesteaded farm in central Virginia with his wife and three homeschooled sons.

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The Ethics of Beauty-Part II: Social Justice & Beauty

“A wise educator always trades in Beauty and Goodness before Truth.”

― Timothy Patitsas, The Ethics of Beauty

Join guest-host Professor Christine Perrin for a much-anticipated SECOND interview with author and Orthodox Christian theologian Dr. Timothy Patitsas to discuss beauty and trauma in the fundamental issue of social justice and its relevance to the task of education and how it is changing our lives.

Enjoy this anticipated discussion!

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