Welcome MAT students!

This page contains the orientation lectures for the four courses offered this summer. These orientation lectures present an overview for each course, describing the essential goals and path of study.

After the orientation videos, you may also view an opening lecture by each of the four professors on some aspect of the classical tradition of education that will be addressed and explored in the summer courses.

If you have any question regarding these lectures, please contact either the professor directly, or the MAT office.

Orientation Videos for the MAT Summer Courses

Dr. Phillip Cary

The Great Conversations I: The True

Dr. Fred Putnam

Classical Pedagogy I: The Culture of the Classroom

Dr. Brian Williams

History and Philosophy of Ancient and Medieval Ed.

Dr. Amy Richards

Difference and Human Dignity in the Great Tradition

Faculty Lectures on Classical Education

Dr. Phillip Cary: Lecture 1

Dr. Fred Putnam: Lecture 1

Dr. Brian Williams: Lecture 1

Dr. Amy Richards: Lecture 1