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We Welcome New Course Ideas!

Please use this form below to submit proposals or suggestions for new courses on ClassicalU. You can propose a course that you would teach, a team would teach, or suggest a person to us whom you think could teach a great course for the site.  We are grateful for your input! 

Information for Potential Presenters

If we are interested in your proposal we will contact you in order to discuss it further. If we choose to record your course, we will contract with you via a standard agreement or Memo of Understanding that will specify compensation, terms, and ownership.  

We generally record courses in our studio (in Camp Hill, Pennsylvania) but we sometimes make arrangements to have a course recorded locally, where presenters reside. Those proposing courses can indicate their preferred location for recording, but we reserve the right to determine whether an in-house studio recording, or a local recording is best. 

ClassicalU now has a publication arm called ClassicalU Books, an imprint of Classical Academic Press. Some presenters may be invited to propose a short book that compliments the course that is recorded. If you are interested in creating a book that will complement your proposed course, you can indicate so in the form above.

If you have any additional ideas or questions, please feel free to call us at 717-875-3362, or email us at
. Our Director Jesse Hake will be glad to respond to your queries. Thank you for your interest!

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Gilbert K. Chesterton