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Assessing Students Classically - Charter School Course

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  • How would you answer the following questions:
    • What are the liberal arts?
    • Why are they called “liberal”?
    • Why are they called “arts”?
  • What do you think of how Andrew and Christopher describe the fine arts? In what sense do you understand the fine arts as arts characterized by a finis (an end, something completed or finished)? How does this description cohere with or differ from your original associations with the term “fine arts”?
  • In what sense are the liberal arts “liberating arts of truth perception”?
  • Andrew says that assessment can bless students. In what ways can you imagine this happening?
  • In what ways is your own assessment of student work personal, prompt, loving, practical, and actionable? In which areas might your current assessment practices not serve these ends?
  • How might we best assess knowledge of facts?
  • How might we best assess skills?
  • How might we best assess ideas?
  • How would you summarize Andrew’s description of wisdom? How do the liberal arts help a student to grow in wisdom?