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Questions & Timestamps:

  • (00:00) What is the set of skills that would make a great director for a Scholé Community?
  • (00:50) How does each group set up a director-level leadership team?
  • (10:25) If you’ve got different strengths, how would you go about adding another member to your director team? What would you look for in that person?
  • (14:00) How often do you meet with your board of directors or with your lead team? What are you touching base on when you meet?
  • (27:24) What do we require of individual families in our communities (time commitments, financial, sign statements of belief)?
  • (35:10) It is important to set a vision and communicate a vision. We realize that we are human.  We can’t do it on our own.  We all need a shared team to manage the operations.