Phil Cary

Phil Cary, PhD

Professor, Author

Phillip Cary (Ph.D., Yale University 1994) is Professor of Philosophy at Eastern University and Scholar-in-Residence at the Templeton Honors College.

Phillip Cary’s specialty is the history of Christian thought, with particular focus on Augustine and Luther. He is perhaps best known for his book Good News for Anxious Christians, along with his lecture series published by The Great Courses, including courses on AugustineLuther, the History of Christian Theology, and Philosophy and Religion in the West. In addition to numerous articles and reviews, he has published three books on Augustine with Oxford University Press (Augustine’s Invention of the Inner Self, 2000; Inner Grace, 2008; and Outward Signs, 2008) and one with Rowman & Littlefield (Augustine and Philosophy, 2010), co-edited with John Doody and Kim Paffenroth. Another area of interest is theological exegesis, where he has contributed a commentary on the book of Jonah (Brazos Press, 2008).


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