Beaver Creek Community Schole

OUR MISSION: To create a Christian classical learning community seeking to nurture wisdom and virtue in our members, through dedicated and deep core studies, for God’s glory.

CHRISTIAN: While we all come from a variety of Christian denominations, we hold the foundations of Christianity and can affirm together the Nicene Creed.

CLASSICAL: We are committed to a classical course of study, a path that has been tried and proven since ancient times. The long tradition of classical education has emphasized the seeking after of truth, goodness, and beauty and the study of the liberal arts and the great books. We will follow a core sequence of studies which includes Latin, logic, writing and rhetoric as well as the great books, mathematics, and science. We will prioritize on our community day(s) the core subjects of history, literature, science as well as the study of Latin.

LEARNING COMMUNITY: Parents and teachers will embody what we hope to instill in our students with a pursuit of wisdom (how to think) and virtue (what to do). Parents will model continued learning by being present on community days and participating in community learning events. We will use quality curriculum and engage the gifts of dedicated and enthusiastic teachers to lead learning in these subjects. If we do not have a teacher from within our group to lead a class we offer, we will hire a teacher from outside of our group. Students, teachers, and all members will serve one another through faithful participation and through offering best efforts in every pursuit.