Legacy Classical Academy, a Schole Community

Legacy Classical Academy represents 37 families with students k-12th grade who have voluntarily joined to experience the benefits of schooling in community. Our grammar students in Lower School representing 2nd-6th spend one day together with parents co-op teaching Latin, writing, science, history, music, memory, art, and more. Middle and Upper Schools, representing 7th-12th, come two days a week and participate in logic, Latin, math, science, arts and aesthetics, swing dancing, Great Books, history, and more. These courses are taught by tutors who are passionate and knowledgeable about their subjects. Parents are an integral part of the community and highly involved. Parents are regularly on campus interacting with students, taking part in the chapel, and creating events and extracurricular activities. We are purposeful in all we do as we strive to show the students the goodness of God, The Truth of his Word, and the beauty in his world with the ultimate goal of drawing their hearts closer to him to Love what he loves and hate what he hates. Legacy strives to be a place where all are learning to love others well and hunger to love a lost world.