Sanctuary Schole Homeschool Fellowship

We have 2 options! We offer a full curriculum for grades 1-12 which meets twice per week. This includes morning time, nature study, forest school (grades 1-4), handicrafts (1-4), art (1-8), literature, writing, Great Books (9-12), Latin (9-12), and Rhetoric (9-12). Light programming will also be available for preschool-age children of attending families. Since we are a cooperative, parent-led fellowship, one parent per family is required to lead a class. Cost is a yearly fee for group insurance plus books and supplies.

Option 2: morning time only! Join us for half a day, once a week to enjoy the “riches” of artist and composer study, Scripture and poetry recitation, fairy tales, and nature study. This option is free and no teaching commitment is required!