Scholé of Northern Utah

Scholé of Northern Utah is a classical Christian community whose goal is to pursue Truth, Goodness, and Beauty through restful learning in a group setting. Our classes and discussions will follow the historical timeline on a rotating 4 year cycle. Humanities (the Great Books of the Western Tradition and Shakespeare along with relevant history and geography), Science (hands on experiments and scientists study), and fine arts (artists and composer studies along with art projects) are the core classes, with one semester of rotating electives. We exist for the purpose of providing these classes and experiences for homeschool families in a community group setting. We are a supplement for your own homeschool and seek to enhance what you already are doing at home. Teachers are passionate parents who teach from a biblical perspective and facilitate discussions and learning. Promoting fellowship and building relationships is a vital part of Scholé of Northern Utah. Group classes, scholé lunch with assigned seating and discussion questions; extracurricular field trips, nature walks, and activities; hospitality; and parent involvement and interaction on campus are just as important as the subjects we study.