Southern Scholé Scholars

We serve children ages 5-18. We also provide a nursery for ages 1-4. The grammar stage (ages 5-12) will participate in morning sessions where they will learn the art of memorization through memorizing facts from history, science, geography, math, English grammar, and Latin. In the memorizing process, they will also learn to make connections with the facts they’ve memorized. They will also learn public speaking and literature. Upper grammar (ages 9-12) will learn writing and English grammar at home with curriculum recommended by us so that it can be incorporated into public speaking and literature, providing accountability and support. All levels will learn math at home. Afternoon sessions will include science, art, and electives based on community interests. The dialectic stage (ages 12-15) will follow a 3-year cycle where students will have opportunity to participate in the following: Apologetics, Literature/Writing, Science, Logic/Reasoning, Debate, Economics, Cartography, Government/Law. Electives will also be offered based on community interest. Latin will be at-home study using recommended curriculum. Rhetoric stage (ages 16-18) is a work in progress and will be offered when enough students are interested to create a worthwhile experience.