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Course Introduction

The English educator and reformer Charlotte Mason (1842 – 1923) encouraged the practice of a reading practice called narration in which students learned to tell back and summarize passages which they have read. In this course, Charlotte Mason expert, Jason Barney explores and explains this practice and shows how teachers in classical school can employ to great effect and benefit. 

Jason Barney was awarded the Henry Salvatori Prize for Excellence in Teaching from Hillsdale College in 2012. He completed his MA in Biblical Exegesis at Wheaton College, where he received The Tenney Award in New Testament Studies. He previously served as the Academic Dean at Clapham School in Wheaton, IL, and now serves as the Principal at the Coram Deo Academy in Carmel Indiana. He recently published The Joy of Learning: Finding Flow Through Classical Education and blogs on ancient wisdom for the modern era at

Course Content

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Biography of Charlotte Mason
End of Course Test
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Course Includes

  • 13 Lessons
  • 35 Topics
  • 13 Quizzes
  • 1.04 Credits
  • 6.22 Hours
  • Course Certificate