Course Certificates Are Expanded!

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Each of our course certificates now include (CEU) credits from the Association of Classical Christian Schools (ACCS) as well as recognition for our own certification with Scholé Groups. We are grateful for this partnership with ACCS as well as our continued partnership with ACSI as both organizations offering CEUs with our courses on Here is a look at our new course certificate:

As of February 2022, every Level 1 and Level 2 course can be taken for credit as long as you complete each lesson and the end-of-course test. When you do this, you automatically receive continuing education unit (CEU) credits from the Association of Classical Christian Schools (ACCS) as well as the Association of Christian Schools International (ACSI) posted as downloadable certificates under “Courses” on your user profile page.

Here are courses listed with their CEU credit totals:

Course Title Course ID CEU Credits
A Brief History of Classical Education ACSI201855196 1.5
A Brief History of Progressive Education ACSI201755113 1
Assessing Students Classically ACSI201755106 1
Awakening the Moral Imagination ACSI202153857 1.35
Awakening Wonder: Truth, Goodness, and Beauty ACSI201755116 0.67
Effective Upper School Teaching & Leadership ACSI201855197 1
Essential Latin ACSI201755103 2
Essential Logic: Teaching Formal Logic ACSI201755114 1.67
Essential Logic: The Logical Fallacies ACSI201755104 1
Essential Music ACSI202051874 0.46
Essential Philosophy ACSI201855195 2
Essential School Leadership ACSI202051876 0.52
Essentials of Effective Teaching ACSI201755003 1
Essentials of Formal Logic ACSI202054699 3.39
Grammar School Teaching and Leadership ACSI201755112 1.67
How to Teach History ACSI201755110 1
Introduction to Classical Education ACSI201755000 1
Listening, Speaking, Reading, Writing ACSI201755107 0.83
Mathematics for Every Teacher ACSI202251792 1.12
Plato: The Great Philosopher-Educator ACSI201755108 1
Principles of Classical Pedagogy ACSI201755007 1
Principles of Classical Pedagogy II ACSI201755111 1
Reading and Teaching The Odyssey ACSI201755105 1
Scholé (Restful) Learning ACSI201755006 1
Socratic Teaching ACSI201851741 2
Teaching Boethius: The Consolation of Philosophy ACSI201755118 0.33
Teaching Math Classically ACSI201755109 2.03
Teaching Modern Political Philosophy ACSI202051980 1.18
Teaching Science Classically: 10 Essential Principles ACSI202051872 0.43
Teaching Singapore Math ACSI201851743 2
Teaching the Great Books ACSI201755005 1
Teaching Three Great Books ACSI201755119 1
Teaching with a Golden Thread ACSI202251795 0.42
The Abolition of Man Book Study ACSI201755117 0.67
The Art of Poetry ACSI201755115 2
The Catholic Tradition of Classical Education ACSI201855186 2
The Liberal Arts Tradition ACSI201755004 1
The Monastic Tradition of Education ACSI201755120 0.5
The Myth Made Fact ACSI202054713 1.35
The Problem of Evil  ACSI202251793 1.06
The Science Mastery Workshop ACSI202051325 1
The Scientific Revolution (Short Course) ACSI202251796 1.79
The Seven Liberal Arts ACSI201855185 1
The Teacher’s Playbook  ACSI202251794 0.63
Urban Classical Education ACSI201851745 1

(Note: these are all for the ACSI’s standard educational credit, not their separate Bible CEUs track.)

When you have completed all the core courses (plus at least one elective) for either Level 1 or Level 2, you automatically receive your certification for that Level. We will be building out and adding courses to both Level 3 and Level L in coming years in addition to pursuing continued partnerships that add value to each of your course certificates with

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