Scholé Muses 2: Classical Education at Home: Curriculum and Pedagogy

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This is the second course (of four) designed by veteran homeschoolers (the six “Scholé Muses”) for homeschoolers. These women are experienced classical educators who also share a love for restful classical education–or scholé. In this course they discuss how to wisely select classical curricula for a home school setting and how to employ classical principles of pedagogy. Their goal is provide rich instruction that imparts virtue, knowledge and skill while preserving an atmosphere that is restful and laced with wonder.

Each of the Scholé Muses have spend years working with other families and have directed homeschooling co-ops (such as Scholé Groups). You can learn more here about each of the Scholé Muses.

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Course Includes

  • 12 Lessons
  • Course Certificate