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  • Often before a test, Joshua Gibbs prays the prayer below for his students: Dear Heavenly Father, help everyone here do well on their midterm. Help the diligent students do well and help the students who slacked off and did not study or pay attention in class do well too. Amen.
  • He says that students respond in shock upon hearing this prayer, which is evidence of a misunderstanding of what a test is and also a misunderstanding of what academic success looks like. How can you strive to assess your students to help them gain a right understanding of what a test is and what academic success looks like? Are your tests a gift to your students?
  • How can your tests allow students to participate as they would be expected to do so every other day of the school year?
  • Joshua Gibbs says, “Just because something is worth knowing doesn’t mean it is worth testing on.” How does this challenge your current approach to testing your students?
  • Why should tests be a learning experience? How can you move toward creating tests in your school or homeschool that are transformative gifts to your students?