Reply To: Whether Lingua Latina is the best Latin book for middle school

  • Miriam Makowiecki

    December 14, 2021 at 6:54 am

    Trained on Wheelock’s too. And after those years of study, and then a few years teaching, I was really disappointed with my lack of fluency with the language. I did some research and found it was a VERY common lament. So when I started teaching again (online, to homeschoolers) I came with a very different pedagogy. I didn’t have the confidence or skills to use much spoken Latin in my lessons but I’m working on this. I did use Lingua Latina, along with some other resources. I didn’t have enough classes to see real results from Lingua Latina, but I don’t doubt the efficacy of comprehensible input. And this is what I would use with kids probably around age 10 (I would start Latin earlier than this but use LL around age 10)