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Dr. Brian Williams

Dean of the Templeton Honors College, Professor of Ethics and Liberal Studies
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Dr. Kathryn Smith

Co-Director of the Master of Arts in Classical Teaching, Professor of Literature
Templeton Honors College
Course: Teaching Literature Classically

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Dr. Amy Richards

Professor of Philosophy
Templeton Honors College
Course: Classical Education for All Learners

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Dr. Fred Putnam

Professor of Bible and Liberal Studies
Templeton Honors College
Course: How to Teach the Bible Classically

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Dr. Phil Cary

Professor of Philosophy
Templeton Honors College

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Dr. Christopher Perrin

Director of ClassicalU
Teaches History and Philosophy of Classical Education, Classical Pedagogy
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Dr. Kevin Clark

Director of Ecclesial Schools Initiative
Teaches The Liberal Arts Tradition
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Ravi Jain

Math and Science Educator
Teaches The Liberal Arts Tradition
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“As a qualified teacher and home educator, I encourage you to enrich your understanding and enhance your teaching skills and strategies with ClassicalU. These courses are expertly taught, flexible, and offer masterful guidance into classical pedagogical concepts and methods. The spark they ignite in your classrooms is contagious and will brighten your lessons and create clever learners with deep and lasting knowledge. Heighten your professional development with ClassicalU.”
Andrea Shadgett Brown, B.A., B.Ed.Educator
Andrea Shadgett Brown, B.A., B.Ed.
I was looking for a Christian based education course and I came across ClassicalU. I have found this course to be exactly what I have been looking for. What I love about the course is the fact that I am not placed under any pressure. I can undertake each course at my own leisure and choose the subjects that best suits my learning schedule, revolutionizing my learning and teaching experience. I am very pleased with my instructors and I appreciate the fact that I have access to experienced classical educators.
Sharon HennessyEducator
Sharon Hennessy
For anyone looking for an introduction to, or a deeper understanding of, or a refresher course in the principles, thinkers and subjects of classical learning, ClassicalU is for you. It offers solid content in an easy-to-navigate format at an affordable price. I highly recommend.
Kelli BuzzardEducator
  Kelli Buzzard

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