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Questions & Timestamps:

  • (00:30) Explain what Morning Time means for you in your home and what Morning Time looks like in your Scholé Group.
  • (06:20) Morning Time is like enhanced family devotions.
  • (07:15) The period of time that Morning Time takes can vary really dramatically.
  • (09:45) We have the opportunity for character growth when our goals are frustrated in achieving our goals.
  • (10:08) What are some of your favorite strategies for helping young children sit still or be quiet for a moment?
  • (15:12) As much as possible keep them (younger children) in the room instead of sending them to another room to watch a movie. Get creative with how you can do it.
  • (15:35) They really are listening.
  • (16:30) How can Morning Time be used to consolidate? What is the difference between Morning Time and “just doing school”?
  • (18:18) Morning Time is whatever is being done corporately around the table.
  • (22:04) There are limitations to homeschooling. There are some benefits to school.  Morning Time is unique to homeschooling.  We need to celebrate that.