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  • What are some ways in which Plato’s educational thought reflects or is a response to the historical context within which he was working?
  • Summarize Plato’s views of the purpose of education. How are these views the same or different from contemporary conceptions of education?
  • According to Plato, why is it essential that education be concerned with students’ moral formation and not merely their acquisition of knowledge?
  • Plato purported that subjects be chosen based on their ability to turn the soul toward goodness and truth. Do you agree?
  • Plato argued that cultivating the whole person—the body and the mind—is essential in education. Do you agree?
  • Summarize the following theories of Plato’s: the forms, recollection, and conversion. What aspects of Plato’s theory of knowledge are useful for educators to consider? Why?
  • What aspects of Plato’s theory of knowledge are reflected in Christian thinking?